We Should All Be Against Murder

Here’s one of the great things about being an entrepreneur of a socially conscious small business: You can make choices about whether or not you want to, in your own business, do the same things that you did when you worked for other people.

Many politicians, corporations, and nonprofits have issued organizational statements that beautifully spell out a plan for a route forward after Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. I’m most impressed by folks who:

Otherwise, the statement’s words are just words.

I have tweeted, posted on LinkedIn, and otherwise publicly shared my views on social media — which is typical, because I live online. Still, I wondered: Should my firm, FUNKY BROWN CHICK, issue a statement about George Floyd? After all, when I worked for — and managed in-house teams at — nonprofits and large companies, I regularly wrote organizational statements and press releases.

My personal views are, always have been, and will remain reflected in how I work, welcome people into my home, hire & promote, date, donate, volunteer, and vote. That extends to how I run my firm.

In the end, I decided we don’t need a long, formal organizational statement. Our firm’s views are “baked into the cake”, as they say. Since Day 1, we’ve included our Harmony Clause in all contracts because making the world a better place — for everyone — is literally what we do.

So, I guess that’s the full statement: We are who we are. Through our actions, we are committed to building a world filled with peace.